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What is a Facebook business page?

A Facebook business page differs from a personal profile. It’s intended for companies, organizations, and larger commercial entities to:

  • Communicate and interact with existing customers.
  • Attract potential customers.
  • Run ads and boost organic posts to target demographics.
  • Display operating hours, contact, and location info.

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Is a Facebook business page free?

Yes, currently there’s no fee to open and operate a Facebook business page. However, if you wish to create an ad, or boost a post to a target demographic, that costs money.

Can I create a Facebook business page without a personal account?

Facebook requires a personal account to create a business page.

Can I just create a Facebook account for my business?

Unfortunately, that isn’t possible. In fact, if you attempt to create a personal account with your business name, you could risk Meta deactivating your account. The process requires a personal account to be the administrator of the business page.

Can I use my personal Facebook page for business?

You can use your personal Facebook page as the administrator of the business page. You’re also free to talk about your business on your personal account. However, Meta won’t allow personal accounts to function as business pages.

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