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What is .ai?

It’s the domain that represents what could be one of humanity’s most important innovations — artificial intelligence. Technically, the .ai domain name was created as a country code domain for Anguilla, a small (only 35 square miles!) British territory in the Eastern Caribbean, but the world recognizes those two little letters as something far bigger.

Artificial intelligence is already here. It’s beating the world’s best chess players, recommending products for us on our favorite online stores and even giving us directions from our smartphones — that’s right, you’re carrying artificial intelligence with you every day in your pocket or purse. But it’s about to become a lot bigger and smarter, so it’s time we give it its own domain.

Why get a .ai domain name?

If you work in the field of artificial intelligence, there are two things you need to do: Give careful consideration to instrumental convergence and register a .ai domain name. We won’t get into the first one — frankly, that’s above our pay grade — but we’re experts on that second one.

Here are some key points to consider:

  • .ai domains are highly relevant for businesses in the artificial intelligence and technology industries.
  • Having a .ai domain can help establish credibility and expertise in the field of AI.
  • .ai domains are unique and memorable, making it easier for customers to remember and find your website.
  • .ai domain extensions are short and concise, making them easier to type and share.
  • .ai domains are still relatively new and not as saturated as other domain extensions, allowing for more availability and options for choosing a desired domain name.

A specialized field deserves a specialized domain name. You’re not just some company or network — you’re working on (arguably) the greatest advancement of the modern world. A generic domain extension just looks plain and uninspired. But a .ai domain name looks advanced and futuristic, just like the work you’re doing. And for potential visitors who don’t know what you do, your domain name will tell them before they even reach your site.

Who is .ai for?

.ai domains are perfect for small business owners involved in various applications of artificial intelligence, including machine learning, robotics, deep learning, computer vision and more.

AI is also a country code, and you might think that Anguilla would require you to set up some sort of presence in order to register a .ai, but that’s not the case. They’ve made sure that anyone can register a .ai domain name — which has its pros and cons.

While that means companies that work in the field of artificial intelligence are free to register their .ai domain without restrictions, no matter where they’re located, it also means that people who don’t work in artificial intelligence could potentially snag your name before you do.

Don't hesitate to register your .ai domain today to avoid losing it to competitors or random individuals.