The domain for Micronesia and beyond.

Contrary to what the name might suggest, Micronesia is no small place. It's a group of thousands of small islands just northwest of Papua New Guinea, and includes Guam and the Marshall Islands. Meaning not only are there international interests there, but also U.S. ones. Meaning if you want to get into the Micronesia market, you'll want a .fm domain of your very own.

Tune in, tune out.

Of course there's another obvious option for domain hackers: FM, as in FM radios. A .fm domain could be used if you're in the music industry, starting a podcast or even just working on your next mix tape. It's a domain that works equally as well for broadcasters or amateur radio enthusiasts. And imagine how cool it would be to start a Micronesia-based radio station. That's some .fm perfection right there.