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.global Domain Names

Open up a world of possibilities.

Available now! Starting at

367.21 AED* 73.41 AED*/1st yr


What is .global?

A .global domain encourages a modern and open approach to life and business. Ideas, communities and movements can use dot global to establish a greater reach, regardless of their size. Today, it’s not uncommon for individuals and smaller organizations to operate in a worldwide capacity, and .global domain names anchor a web presence that demonstrates that capability.

A domain in your language.

When you register .global, you get a domain that supports many of the unique scripts and special characters used in languages other than English. That means you can let .global engage people from around the world in their native dialects. Creating that kind of familiarity with an audience gives you a tremendous advantage as you build your brand.

Establish your relevance with .global

A .global domain name announces your website is relevant regardless of geographical region. This makes .global perfect for blogs or membership sites looking to reach a larger audience. Online stores can use it to expand their customer base internationally, or non-profit organizations could benefit from support outside the immediate area.

Add a fresh domain to your brand.

While tried-and-true domains get the job done, there’s a lot more competition for short, unique names that help you stand out from the crowd. But as a newer domain, .global is a fresh opportunity to find the name you want and let your brand shine. A domain like .global also demonstrates you’ve made an investment in your online presence — and that’s a big credibility-builder.

Go big with .global

When you register .global, it suggests you’re doing things on a grand scale. Even if you’re the only one involved, the .global domain name evokes imagery of skyscrapers and boardrooms, and high-powered executives checking dispatches from around the world. This can be quite the advantage if you have competitors who are content with their hometown identity. Buy .global and get an international brand — even if you’re content staying in the neighborhood.

Get .global before it’s gone.

Once you dream up an amazing idea for your .global domain, don’t wait to register it. With the worldwide appeal of the dot global domain, you can be sure there are quite a few people out there eager to register .global for themselves. Make sure you get there first, and then make your ideas real.
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