Share the story with .news

Whether you’re a blogger, small business owner or Public Relations director, dot news lets the world know you’ve got fresh, timely information to share.

Gone are the days when we were limited to a few dozen domain names. Today there are hundreds of domains, making it easier than ever to get a web address that's both memorable and instantly recognizable. Of all the domain names out there, few are as arresting as .news. Who can resist the promise of a breaking story?

.news domain names are a perfect fit for:

  • Bloggers
  • News aggregators
  • Journalists, editors & news professionals
  • Traditional broadcast, print & online news organizations
  • Business PR departments
  • Entrepreneurs & startups

You can also use .news to brand an existing digital newsroom, blog or About Us page. Simply register your .news domain name and point it to the live page. Then share your branded news address far and wide.

Attract attention with a .news website address.

Whatever you have to share – a job opening, the slide deck from your conference presentation, industry kudos for your company – there’s one word that says it all: .news. A .news domain tells your audience they can expect to find the latest and most authoritative information on their topic of interest. What you put before the dot – your company name, your industry – tells readers what your site's about.

It's also a natural choice for the growing number of street journalists who record and broadcast arrests, demonstrations, coups and more, from El Salvador to Egypt.

Give them a shortcut to the good stuff.

An effective online presence today requires a lot more than a single website, however informative and well-designed it might be. Most brands actively maintain profiles on Facebook®, YouTube®, Periscope®, Instagram® and other popular social media platforms. By registering a .news domain and pointing it toward an Instagram feed, your company can create a memorable path to newsworthy content. Want to bring all your social media content together in one place for readers? Use your dot news to create a hub that customers, investors and fans can bookmark. Whenever they're curious about the latest from you, they'll know where to go to find it all.
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