I [love] my schnauzer.

All you have to do is search online for “cat memes” to see how much we humans love our pets. Feathered or scaly, furry or finned, we love their antics and take deep comfort from their companionship. We gather around screens to watch the day’s best animal videos with friends and family. With pet, animal lovers can get a web address that expresses who they are.

The place online for all who care for pets.

If you provide pet services of any kind -- licensing, training, veterinary care -- pet is the place to promote your business online. It’s short, easy-to-remember and shows visitors at-a-glance what your business is all about. It’s purrfect for:

  • Veterinarians
  • Breeders
  • Kennels, daycares & resorts
  • Animal shelters
  • Insurance providers
  • Rescue groups

Start your own fan site.

Maybe you’re devoted to dachshunds or crazy about calicos. Why keep your pet’s charming personality to yourself? Share videos, pictures and stories with your own pet domain name. Makes a great gift for the pet-lover in your life, too.

Sell pet-related goods and services online.

America leads the world in dog ownership, boasting one dog for every four people. Brazilians have more birds per capita than any other country, while the U.K. favors fish. But the most pet-loving country on earth is New Zealand, with more than two-thirds of kiwis owning a pet of some kind.

Little wonder the pet industry is booming. From pet strollers to organic treats to hand knit sweaters, if it’s made for a pet, someone somewhere wants to buy it.

.pet domains are tailor-made for:

  • Pet stores
  • Obedience schools
  • Pet bakeries
  • Photographers
  • Groomers
  • Pet spas

Whether you’re looking to sell products on the web or just bring more shoppers into your local store, a .pet domain will make it easier for pet enthusiasts to find you online.

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