Multi-Domain SAN SSL Certificate

One SAN Certificate for multiple domains.

Starting at    
499.00 AED/yr
With a 3-yr term (33% savings)

749.00 AED/year when you renew.4

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Depending on your domain, yearly validation steps may be required.*

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One multi-domain certificate does it all.

Protect up to 100 websites.
Our basic multi-domain SAN SSL Certificate secures 5 websites (a primary domain plus 4 additional websites) with 2048-bit encryption, the strongest on the market. Got more than 5 websites? Cover them all for an added fee

Save money and time.
A SAN SSL Certificate not only costs less than buying separate SSLs for each site, it saves time. You can manage security for up to 100 websites from a single dashboard.

Get support when you need it.
Got a question or concern? Call a GoDaddy security expert at +44 20 7084 9215  for a quick resolution.

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We’ve made it easy for you to choose the right SAN SSL certificate.

We’ve made it easy for you to choose the right SAN SSL certificate.

Domain Validation (DV) SSL Certificate

Organization Validation (OV) SSL Certificate

Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificate

Best suited for:
Personal websites
Organizations and business websites
Ecommerce websites
Displays trust indicator in address bar
Auto-validation, issuance in minutes
Boosts Google® ranking
Strong SHA-2 & 2048-bit encryption
Padlock in address bar
Protects all subdomains (Wildcard SSL)
Protects multiple websites (Multi-domain SAN SSL)
Security trust seal
We offer comprehensive Website Security and a full range of SSL certificates.
Best for complete security

Website Security

One stop solution: SSL certificate, malware scan and removal, firewall and backup recovery.

As low as

29.00 AED /mo

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We manage it for you

Managed SSL Services

Hassle-free automated SSL installation, then ongoing SSL maintenance for the life of your plan.

As low as

429.00 AED /yr

DV SSL Certificate

Domain Validation SSL certificate that protects one personal website.

As low as

199.00 AED /yr


One certificate protects multiple domains. Save when you manage multiple SSLs (5 to 100 sites).

As low as

499.00 AED /yr

Organizational Validation (OV) SSL Certificate

Ideal for boosting credibility for businesses, non-profits and educational institutions.

As low as

369.00 AED /yr

Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificate

Ideal for ecommerce websites and industries that may require higher security.

As low as

499.00 AED /yr

Wildcard SSL Certificate

Ideal for a single website and all its sub-domains.

As low as

999.00 AED /yr

Website Backup

Easy disaster recovery, with daily backups and one-click restore.

As low as

8.00 AED /mo

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SAN SSL Certificate frequently asked questions:

Why are SSL term changes happening?

Starting on 01/09/2020 SSL/TLS certificates cannot be issued for longer than 13 months (397 days). Any SSL certificate bought after this date will have the new term length applied and those bought before will be grandfathered in. For more information check out this blog article that goes into more detail around the term change and GoDaddy’s response.

What is a SAN Certificate?

A Subject Alternative Names (SAN) SSL Certificate secures multiple websites with different domain names – for example,, and

What Can You Do with Subject Alternative Names?

These certificates are often used by businesses that maintain related websites under different domain names. Those who don't want the sites to appear “connected” to each other should not use this type of certificate.

Plus, our SAN Certificate covers unlimited server licenses. SAN Certificates can be used with shared hosting.

What is the difference between SSL and TLS?

SSL stands for “Secure Socket Layer" and is a cryptographic protocol that uses explicit connections to establish secure communication between web server and client.

TLS stands for “Transport Layer Security” — it’s the successor of SSL protocol and is also a cryptographic protocol providing secure communication between web server and client via implicit connections.

Both SSL certificate and TLS certificate essentially mean the same thing — digital certificates that authenticate the server and facilitate the process to create a secure connection via HTTPS.

Who should get a SAN SSL?

Anyone who has more than one website to protect should consider a SAN Certificate. It's more time- and cost-effective than buying separate SSL certificates for each website.

SAN or multi-domain SSLs are ideal for environments such as  Microsoft Exchange Server when you need to secure multiple websites with different domain names.

What are the advantages of a Multi-domain SAN SSL Certificate?

For anyone who has more than one website, it costs less to buy one SAN Certificate to protect them all than to buy a separate SSL Certificate for each website. You'll also spend less time setting up a single SSL.

Can I add new websites to my SAN SSL Certificate later?

Yes. Let's say you only have 4 websites you want to protect when you buy your SAN Certificate. Then you create another one. Simply change the number on your SSL dashboard, and then do a free re-issue. Details

Our standard SAN SSL Certificate covers up to five websites. You can secure more websites for a fee in increments of five. For example, a single SAN SSL can protect up to 5 sites, 10 sites, 15 sites, etc. The maximum number of websites that can be secured by one SAN SSL is 100.

Why choose GoDaddy SSL Certificates?

We offer a complete range of SSL certificates that comply with CA/Browser Forum guidelines. All our certificates feature:

  • SHA-2 hash algorithm and 2048-bit encryption.
  • Outstanding security support.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.

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