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Activate an integrated SSL

An integrated SSL is a standard SSL that's built into several of our hosting products. When you purchase a Web Hosting Plus, cPanel Maximum, Managed WordPress Ultimate or Managed WordPress Ecommerce plan the SSL is automatically activated. When it's activated depends on which hosting product you have.

Note: Not sure what hosting product you have? Here's how to check.

Note: If you upgraded a hosting plan that already had a paid SSL certificate installed, you can continue to use that SSL. If you would rather use the Integrated SSL, uninstall the SSL certificate from your GoDaddy hosting and the integrated SSL will automatically install afterwards.

Linux Hosting and Web Hosting Plus

Once your hosting account is activated, we will automatically try to install the integrated SSL on your primary domain. To check the status of this installation:

  1. Sign in to your GoDaddy account and open your product. (Need help opening your product?)
  2. Under the Security section, check the status of your SSL certificate.

Note: With Web Hosting Plus and cPanel Maximum plans, your main domain and its subdomains are automatically secured with a free, Domain Validated (DV) SSL certificate.

Managed WordPress

The integrated SSL is activated when you attach your domain to the Managed WordPress account. The activation can take up to 30 minutes to complete.

Note: If your domain is in a separate GoDaddy account or with a third party, you may need to verify domain ownership.

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