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Assign categories to my WordPress post

If you have a blog on your WordPress site, you can organize your posts by assigning different categories to them. That way, it will be easier for your readers to find all posts that cover certain topics. Here's how to assign a category to your WordPress blog post.

Note: You must add a category first to be able to assign it to a post.

  1. Sign in to WordPress.
  2. On the left side menu, select Posts > All Posts.
  3. Find the post you want to associate with a category.
    • If you're on a computer, hover over it and select Quick Edit.
    • If you're on a mobile device, select Quick Edit.
  4. Under Categories, add or remove categories you want to associate with this post by selecting or deselecting them.
  5. Select Update to add your post to the selected categories.

Your post is now added to the categories you have previously selected.

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