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Delete my GoDaddy Studio account and data

Before you delete your account and data, please be aware that once you do this, you’ll no longer be able to access any of your projects or sign in to your GoDaddy Studio account on mobile or web.

  1. To cancel your subscription instead, follow the steps for canceling your GoDaddy Studio PRO subscription. This will revert you to a free GoDaddy Studio account, and you’ll still have access to all your projects.
  2. If you just want to delete the GoDaddy Studio app, uninstall it from your device. This does not cancel your subscription, or delete your account or data.
Warning: Deleting a product cannot be reversed.

If you’re sure you want to delete your GoDaddy Studio account and data, follow the steps for deleting products in your GoDaddy account. You'll keep your GoDaddy account and any other products associated with it, but will no longer have access to your GoDaddy Studio account or data.

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