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Here's a list of most of the SSL Certificate Help articles. Use it as your guide — from requesting an SSL certificate, to installing it on your server.

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Background infoRequest your certificate
Verify your certificateInstall, download, and manage your certificate
Extended Validation (EV) certificatesTroubleshooting your certificate

Background info

Learn about SSL certificates and which one is best for your needs. (Back to top)

Request your certificate

There are steps you need to take to request your SSL certificate. (Back to top)

Verify your certificate

Once you have requested your certificate, you will need to verify that you have control of the domain. (Back to top)

Install, download, and manage your certificate

After your certificate is issued, you may need to take additional steps to install your certificate. (Back to top)

Extended Validation (EV) certificates

Extended validation certificates allow your customers to see that your business is legitimate and verified by an outside source. (Back to top)

Troubleshooting your certificate

Oh no! Something went wrong? Find out how to troubleshoot your certificate once it's installed. (Back to top)

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