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Get the most out of Microsoft 365

Congrats! You've moved from Workspace Email to Microsoft 365, which gives you the latest professional email features. Here are some resources to help you with your new email account.

Now that you've moved to Microsoft 365, you can change how you access your email account and its settings.

  • Email password: If your password was saved in your browser settings, it might not show on the Microsoft 365 sign-in page. Change your password to sign in to your email.
  • Update to Exchange: Switch your account settings from POP or IMAP to Microsoft Exchange. With Exchange, your data (mail, contacts and calendars) is available across all your devices and can be recovered from the server.

Your new webmail, Outlook on the web, can be set up so your email experience is similar to Workspace Email.

  • Custom settings: Change the appearance of Outlook on the web, including the inbox and reading pane.
  • Signatures: Create new signatures with your business name and logo in the Email & Office Dashboard.
  • Templates: Add email templates in Outlook on the web to save time writing frequently used messages.
  • Inbox rules: Use inbox rules to manage incoming messages, such as to move them to a specific folder or assign a level of importance.
  • Block/allow lists: Block senders or identify them as safe so their messages aren't marked as junk.
  • Catch-all email: To keep your account secure, Microsoft 365 doesn't support catch-all email. Read more about catch-all alternatives.

With Microsoft 365, you’ll manage your email through the Email & Office Dashboard, similar to how you used the Workspace Control Center. You’ll also get access to new features to further customize your email.

  • Display name: Change the name recipients see when they receive your emails.
  • Alias: Create an additional email address that redirects email to a single inbox.
  • Forwarding: Forward your Microsoft 365 email to a different email account like Gmail. Or, forward your other email account to your Microsoft 365 email.
  • Distribution group: Improve collaboration with a distribution group so you can email multiple users using one address.
  • Shared mailbox: Create a shared mailbox so multiple people can read and respond to messages using the same email address.

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