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Update my quarantine digest settings

Receive quarantine digests via email that include a report of emails that have been quarantined. You can change how often digests are sent to you and what type of information is included in the reports.

  1. Sign in to Advanced Email Security. Use your Microsoft 365 email address and password (your GoDaddy username and password won't work here).
  2. On the leftmost side, select Account Management, and then Digests. If you’re a user, select Digests.
  3. To enable quarantine digests, under Enable digests for user (or, if you're a user, under Receive Quarantine Digests), select Yes. To disable them, select No.
  4. To only include new messages since the last digest was sent, select Yes. Or, to include all quarantined messages, select No.
  5. Select the quarantine digest delivery start time.
  6. Select the interval between digest checks.
  7. Under Retention period, select the number of days the digest will include.
  8. Under Include emails that have been quarantined by, next to any filtered email you want included in the digest, select the checkbox.
  9. To exclude potential spam from your digest, select the checkbox.
  10. To disable quarantined mail previews from the digest, next to Disable Mail Preview From Digest, select the checkbox. This option is only available to admins.
  11. To update settings for all users, next to Save, select the checkbox. This option is only available to admins.
  12. Select Save.

Your changes for quarantine digests will be saved.

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