Premium DNS

Keep your website safe and always online.

  • Minimize security gaps.
  • Improve site availability.
  • Get faster performance.

As low as

18.33 AED/mo

18.33 AED/mo when you renew4

Fast, 99.9%* uptime guaranteed.

Our Premium DNS infrastructure with the Anycast DNS Network, enables your visitors to find you fast, anywhere around the world.

Mission-critical secondary DNS.

Secondary DNS is your safeguard against power outages and internet routing problems, ensuring that your website is always available.

Easily managed DNS.

Our online dashboard makes it easy to manage and make updates to your DNS — and you don't have to be tech savvy to use it.

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Premium DNS includes:

  • 99.9%* uptime guarantee.

  • Manage unlimited domains (zones).

  • 1,500 records per/domain.

  • Secures up to 5 domains with DNSSEC.

  • No overage fees.

  • Reliable, fast Anycast global network.

  • Templates to create, save and reuse zone settings.

  • Mission critical secondary DNS with syncing (unlimited domains).

  • Built-in error checking.

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DNS (Domain Name Server) explained.

Every domain name is given a series of numbers known as an IP address. When you type a domain name into your browser, the DNS looks through a huge database to find the IP address and directs your browser to the website content.

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The importance of managing your DNS.

It's during this DNS address "look up" where you potentially experience problems in performance, accessibility and security; from your domain not being found to hackers redirecting visitors to a fake website.

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Slow DNS response can cause "website not found" errors.

This can happen when the DNS server is slow in responding and can't determine what site content to give you. If it takes too long, it can just "time out" and give an error message.

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Keep hackers from redirecting your visitors to a fake site.

Hackers can give the browser a different IP address that redirects to a fake website that looks like yours. Once there, the hacker can access any information your customer provides.

Premium DNS helps, here’s how:

We distribute your DNS information on multiple servers around the world on our premium global network. So, visitors searching your site connect to the closest server, for a fast response. Our DNS security feature (DNSSEC) stops hackers by securing the "look up" process and verifying the visitor is arriving at your site.
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Solve top DNS issues to improve security, reliability and performance.

Premium DNS makes it easy to resolve common issues that prevent people from accessing your site. It improves your overall performance, availability and security.

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Better security.